Under Community Review

Hi Jaimy,

Thanks for submitting an SDL TMS idea. I'm going to put this under community review but I think it might be good to have a little more information. In an ideal world no tasks should end up in exception or recovery so perhaps we should be taking a look at why 200 tasks are landing there? Can you elaborate on the use case here?



Ability to push a job in recovery/exception with several languages and tasks all at once to another step


It would be great if we could push several tasks at once from recovery/exception to another step in the workflow, not just one by one.

- Job will go in recovery, 10 languages, 20 tasks per language = 200 tasks.
- Moving these tasks to another step has to be done per tasks, so 200 times individually.

Per language 20 tasks at once would be fine.



  • I agree with this as sometimes we will have a system-wide issue that causes numerous files to go to recovery for the same reason. Once a support ticket has been submitted and the common error documented a support user still has to spend time to submit recovery issues out one at a time which is tedious and time-consuming. The current system of one at a time is not bad for one or two files, but oftentimes we get quite a lot more.