Under Community Review

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion on how we can improve RWS Managed Translation. I'm putting this under community review to see if others have the same requirements. Obviously, changing the format of the downloads would impact all customers so it's not a step that we would want to take lightly.


Add Language Folder when Downloading Translations into One Language in ManTra


Current behaviour: when requesting multiple languages, the requestor in ManTra downloads a zip file with all translations, and these are sorted into different language sub-folders when the client downloads the package from ManTra. When you request a translation into one language only, this sub-folder structure with language name does not appear.

Requested expected behaviour from client: for the sub-folder language structure to also be present in the download zip when just one target language is requested.

Client says that this is confusing to requesters who request many languages and who may not understand/recognize the target language and have to search in the request to find out what language the translation was done into, when requesting a translation into one language.