Under Community Review

Hi Hitoshi,

Thank you for your interest in SDL TMS and your suggestion for a new idea to improve the product. It's quite possible to upload a file with fewer segments that the original in case the translator has joined segments together. At present, we have no real way to validate the upload of the SDL XLIFF file but I'm sure it's something that could be improved in the future. I'll leave this under community review for now and see if any other suggestions arise. In the meantime, I suggest that you prevent your users from using third party applications that may corrupt the SDL XLIFF file.


Integrity check against SDLXLIFF Task upload

Need TMS to perform integrity check against SDLXLIFF file while Task upload into TMS.


Currently if people upload corrupted SDLXLIFF file, the original SDLXLIFF file on TMS is destroyed with it.


Example, user download 4 segments SDLXLIFF file then upload back 2 segments SDLXLIFF file, TMS aceppt it.

Recently there is minor SDLXIFF file tag hierarchy change. But non Trados Studio third party tool never support that format.

As a result, those tool unexpectedly spit and merge SDLXLIFF file(s). TMS accept such file, even throw error while uploading.

Then, TM on TMS is corrupted.

We must prevent such data loss on TMS.

  • I agree that it would be good to have a way to safeguard against a corrupted file or at least backup of the original SDLXLIFF before it got corrupted by the translator. This would allow you to leverage TM from the corrupted SDLXIFF and apply it to uncorrupted/untranslated SDLXLIFF to get a valid translated output. In most cases, we have to restart the job from scratch. However, if impersonation is possible for that user you can sometimes impersonate them, go to their Inbox > Downloads and grab the untouched package/sdlxliff files from there. However, those downloads disappear after 7 days on our system so timeliness is important.