Under Community Review

Hi Ulrika,

Thanks for your suggestion to help us improve the user experience in TMS. I'll put this under community review for now but I'll reach out to engineering to see how complex this would be.


Mark several jobs at once in GroupShare Inbox

When checking boxes in GroupShare Inbox, it would be great if there was a way to mark several tasks at the same time (without marking all). In the regular Inbox view in TMS, you can check the box for one task and then scroll down, hold shift and check another box, and all the tasks in between the first and second box will be checked. Is it possible to implement the same functionality in GroupShare Inbox? There, you have to check each task individually. This is time consuming when you have, for example, 50 tasks in your inbox but only want to publish 25 of them in the same job. Please see the picture for further explanation.