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Thank you for your idea to help us improve SDL TMS. The decision to move to the SDL Trados Studio SDLTM format was made in order to try and phase out legacy formats such as the SDLX TM (MDB) format. If SDL Trados Studio allows you to combine multiple MDBs into a single TM, why does it not allow you to combine multiple SDLTMs into a single TM? Forgive me but this sounds like an enhancement/idea for SDL Trados Studio rather than for SDL TMS. Perhaps you can provide some more clarification on what you would like SDL TMS to do because I'm not 100% clear.



ProjectTM in TMS jobs

Recently some (or maybe most) of the TMSs have started to download the ProjectTMs in Studio format (instead of the old .mdb).

The old .mdb format had an advantage, Studio allows you to join them into one single TM in two simple steps (when creating a Project) but that something we can't do with Studio format TMs. Like this (sorry for the quality):

Screenshot of TMS Ideas 'Upgrade Translation Memories' window showing a list of ProjectTMs in Studio format with options for quick upgrade.Screenshot of TMS Ideas 'Output Translation Memories' window with a list of ProjectTMs and red error icons indicating issues with the files.

Studio format TMs could be ok if it wasn't so often that we have to join different jobs into one single project. The user who usually works with TMS knows that it downloads one TM per job and if we have several (sometimes can be +20) you can guess where is the issue now....

Can we add an option to join TMs in TMS?