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Hi Tammy,

As you are probably aware, the TMS engineering team are not responsible for the behaviour of the filters in the application. The filters are a common component that are shared between all RWS language technology products. I'll pass on your comments to the filters team. Presumably, the same problem occurs in WorldServer, GroupShare, Studio and all Language Cloud based products (Trados Essential, Trados Live Team etc.)


TMS latest Word filter does not respect options for Hidden Text and Control List Extraction


Since office 365 came out, the features in our existing options xml for Word filter no longer work to exclude extraction of control lists and hidden text.

RWS has no fix for the filter and indicated they do not intend to do so.

This causes some angst for our linguists and vendors, not to mention moving processes backwards in automation. We used to submit files to vendors without need for prep step since the filter excluded hidden text and control lists.

Now everything extracts with numeric tags in the TMS interface so we can no longer streamline this process and all require prep.

We see also that in Studio that the options for hidden text and control lists are still there but they don't actually function for office 365 files.

Has anyone come up with a fix of their own within the Word filter options?



  • Thank you David,

    If there is a forum for the filters team, I'd be glad to post the question there. Ultimately, I am hoping someone in the community has found a suitable solution to continue avoiding prep since that was possible before.

    I understand that the issue is not resolved in Trados 2021 either thus far.