In Progress

Keep status of Projects page after refresh

Currently, refreshing the new WS11 Projects page makes it return to the first page with all projects collapsed. If you had clicked on the "i" of a project to show the Project Group/Locale information pane at the bottom, it does keep that pane visible after an auto refresh (not after a manual refresh, i.e. after pressing F5), although you can't see anymore on which "i" icon you had clicked.

Especially for the auto refresh this is very inconvenient: you instantly loose information you had made visible. It's the reason I have switched the auto refresh off.

After a refresh, I'd expect:

  1. to see the page number I was at before the refresh
  2. to see expanded projects that had been expanded before the refresh
  3. to see the Project Group/Locale information pane if I had clicked on an "i" icon before the refresh
  4. to see which "i" icon I had clicked on if I clicked on one before the refresh