Planned for Future Release

Reactivate a completed project in WorldServer

In TeamWorks it was possible to reactivate a completed project, for example if it was completed by mistake. In WorldServer it is impossible to do so, and the translated SDLXLIFF cannot be integrated in a new project nearly as easily, either. Also, sometimes the cost model was not added before the project was completed. Therefore, please make it possible to reactivate completed projects in WorldServer, so that fully translated target files can be generated.

  • To expand on this idea and maybe save a step or two...

    If you have access to the source file directly in Windows Explorer, you can open the file there, make a change, remove the change and save the file. Then follow the steps above for updating in the WorldServer interface (asset view, display all changed assets, update, etc.).

  • As to using the project update: you don't actually need to touch the source documents at all if you're downloading/re-uploading them in WS Explorer. When you upload the same source files, they automatically overwrite the original files and get a new timestamp and are then recognised as "changed assets".

  • I wish SDL will add this functionality to WS. We have few cases, Transport client created a project but the project went to completed project list and marked as a not started project/task.

    As a workaround, what I did is to copy the source file(s) to a folder then added them through Explorer. The time stamp for the newly uploaded file(s) changed to the new time at the time you uploaded (No need to open and save them).  Then selected the view 'All tasks with changed assets', clicked Update button. The project restarted again. It works for me.

  • I'd absolutely love to see this functionality in the future. I'd go a step further even, I'd love to see a way to roll back tasks to any previous step in the workflow (just think dragging and dropping the light bulb in the workflow view--I'm sure a feature like this would have to be used carefully depending on the actions the file has passed through, but it'd be neat).

    As for the workaround that Eric suggested, I usually use the freeware BulkFileChanger to change the time stamp. This can save you tons of clicks when you have to change the time stamp for lots of files.

    In our particular setup, though, we're not encouraged to use the update function because this messes with our reports.

    For me, the essence of this idea is not just about accidentally completing projects. We allow clients to create their own projects, and as a consequence sometimes get projects that have the wrong project type or wrong language pair. In these extreme cases I'd love to roll a project back to before the project type was selected. All we can do at the moment is either have clients create a new project (which they don't like), or create it ourselves (which means the client loses the submitter role).  It's just not a very forgiving system when it comes to errors in the project setup.

  • Even though this functionality is somewhat possible as i indicated in other replies. I think it would be very nice to simply have a reactivate button on the completed and canceled projects page that essentially did what i noted in my other posts.