Tridion Translation Manager integration: Fix for Project Name Length (Beyond 256 Characters)

For the translation jobs submitted from Tridion, each translation project gets spit into tasks in WorldServer, each task has path to the file, the path is a concatenated result of -> system path + project name + locale + tridion component name + extn.

So whenever above sum hits 257 chars, you will see the auto error on respective task.

WorldServer will automatically truncate your job name when complete path hits > 256 chars, for the jobs uploaded from WorldServer UI.

But from integrations like Tridion, it can't.

A Tridion user can't anticipate this case while creating translation job in Tridion until it gets failed with Auto error in WorldServer.

Also business used to maintain long project names based on different needs, they can't reduce the length of job name in some situations.

Is there a better way to handle this behavior something similar to how WorldServer UI does?