Idea Delivered

The idea was delivered as part of Tridion Docs 15

New cmdlet: Set-ISHFullyQualifiedDomainName

Changing the FQDN on the fly

Currently, if the FQDN of the server was changed, Tridion Docs must be reinstalled. We request that Tridion Docs will be improved to be able to change the server FQDN without reinstalling it.

The reason of the request is as follows:

We cannot stop Tridion Docs for a long time when upgrading it. Therefore, we'd like to launch new VMs temporalilly and install new version to them. After verifying everything are working properly, we'll switch over Tridion Docs from the old VMs to the new VMs. In order to upgrade Tridion Docs in this manner, the server host names have to be changed after installing Tridion Docs.

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