Idea Delivered Partially

DITA 1.3 Support

Need support for the DITA 1.3 standard, including:

  • The basics--support for new topic types (i.e troubleshooting), new domains, and new base elements
  • Support for scoped keys. Need better support for keys in general, including:
    • Previewing topics within the context of the keys defined in a publication.
    • Creating/specifying the key space when opening topics in the editor.
    • Interface for creating/managing keys--
      • Something easier than creating individual keydef tags for every single key. 
      • See which keys are referenced in a publication, but are not defined. 
      • When referencing a key, see a list of what all keys have been defined, rather than having to type the key in.
  • Support for branch filtering (
    • Using <ditavalref> to reference a .ditaval
    • Editing and checking .ditavals in
    • Previewing topics within the context of a branch