Under Community Review

Do not allow Draft Space to disrupt the check out lock of a topic already checked out to another XML editor like XMetaL (even by the same user)

Our workflow uses Review Space to collect review comments from our reviewers. Our authors open Draft Space to see the comments, make light edits, etc. This works fine unless the editing requires more in depth DITA changes.

Sometimes our authors will see a comment when Draft Space is open, and need to open the same topic using XMetaL to make detailed changes. If, while they are editing the topic in XMetaL. they accidentally click on the text of the topic in Draft Space, Draft Space disrupts the lock they have in XMetaL and causes loss of work. The author is not able to check in or even check in as the work and must start again from scratch. 

While we consider this a defect that should be fixed right away, RWS has requested that we add this request for a fix to the Ideas Forum and get votes from other users to get this into the roadmap. 

Please vote for this fix to make Draft Space more resilient and protect the integrity of changes made in other XML Editors. 

  • Hi Tom,

    Do you mind changing the title to "only the same user" as the current title leaves room to cross user problems which is not the case? Tridion Docs since day 1 checks out content objects to a user, and not to an editor session. Where you can read editor session as Publication Manager (for DITA Maps) on laptopA, XMetaL Editor on laptopA or Oxygen Editor on laptopB. This is continued in Draft Space as yet another editor.

    For others, as it is the same user that is doing edit actions in multiple xml editors, the last checkin wins. Do remember that previous checkins can be retrieved over Revision History (in Web Client or Organize Space) so no information is lost so you do not need to start from scratch.

    Best wishes,