Idea Delivered

This feature is available as part of Organize Space in Tridion Docs 15

Export all Objects from the search results

SDL Tridion Docs - Content Manager - Build 14.0
The current version has a function to export objects from search results by using the Web client.
However, the export function must have a selected Object. This function is required.
In addition to the current function, it would be helpful for us to have a function that could export all Objects from the search results. A function that does not need to be selected.


When many objects are shown in the search results and viewed in multiple pages, there is a need to select and export objects for each page.

Use Case:

The current search function does not allow a search by using regular expression (RegEx).

We want to be able to still use the Wildcards. In some cases, you may see incorrect results.

We do a rough search and export the object (xml file). Then search (RegEx) the exported XML with another tool.

Of course, it would be helpful if we could improve the search function of the web client.