Improve how Collective Spaces (Draft Space and Review Space) displays Numbered conref'ed objects to prevent double numbering

If you use conrefs to pull in references to <li> (list items) within an ordered list, or <step> items within a <steps> element Collective Spaces (Draft Space or Review Space) displays an outer number and indented next to that an inner number that represents the position of the item within the conref source's list. For example, conref an <li> into an <ol> and in Collective Spaces you might see something like this.

A list with conref'ed items:

 1.  5. First item in the list, but it is in the fifth position in the conref source

 2.  7. Second item in the list, but in the 7th position in the conref source 

 3.  2.  And so on

This presentation is confusing to reviewers and frustrating to authors who want to use conrefs in these circumstances. 

RWS reports this issue as "cosmetic". Vote for this fix to help users who want to use standard reuse mechanisms without having to explain this improper display to their SME reviewers and others who use those tools.

  • We discussed this in the Tridion Docs User Group today and would even more broadly see if there is a way to have a "global" type stylesheet where rendering expected in output is also available to review in Collective Spaces for those who need it. i.e. Collective Spaces styles not matching the legal/regulatory output that will be approved.