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Improved Markdown support for Images

We see an increased usage of markdown in the developer communities in our business. Some of our users already have a lot of content in markdown as part of their projects on GitHub, Bitbucket and other collaboration platforms. 

We have markdown support in Tridion Docs (TD14SP4). We can use markdown as input and we have a markdown output. Some of our product groups are actively using this. We put the markdown files in the TD repository and then we can get PDF output and, more importantly, WebHelp output. 

This works most of the time, but we see some areas where improvements are needed.

Images requires a lot of work when using markdown input content. 

  1. The markdown files are imported into the repository
  2. The images are imported into the repository
  3. The publication is set up with a main map. The markdown files are added to the map.
  4. For each image, we must now check out the markdown file and change the reference from the file name to the GUID of the image in the repository. 
  5. It is also not always easy to figure out which GUID the imported images now have.

I am looking for a way to more easily manage markdown content that has images.