Idea Delivered

The idea was delivered as part of Tridion Docs 14 SP4

Resolve embedded variables without an "Error while parsing external reference" in Oxygen.

We have defined all of our trademarks as variables, and stored them in a library file, to ensure that they are applied correctly.

Within each publication, we also have variables, such as "software" and "product", which contain embedded trademark variables. So, we might have a topic that appears in all of our Software Installation Guides. In place of the software name, we use the "software" variable. The SCIEX OS Software Installation Guide contains a library file in which the "software" variable is defined as follows: <ph varid=software><ph varref=os></ph></ph>. The software TMs file contains the definition <ph varid=os>SCIEX OS</ph>.

Previously, we were using XMetal, and the variables were resolving correctly. Now, we are using Oxygen, and we are getting the error, "DIspatch not hooked to windows memory", see below. 

Variables are resolved and shown correctly in Pub Mgr.

We are using Tridion Docs 14.0.3 with Oxygen 21.1.