In Progress

This improvement will be available as part of Organize Space in the context of Tridion Docs 15.1 release

TD 15: Add the Preview functionality for publications displayed in the Where used panel in Organize Space

We realize that currently only objects have the preview functionality in the Where used panel in Organize Space. It would be helpful if the preview functionality was also available to publications from the Where used panel in Organized Space. 

  • That is great news! I will share that with the team. Thank you Andriy for letting me know. :)

  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you for providing details for your request.

    This improvement will be available as part of Organize Space in the context of Tridion Docs 15.1 release

  • Thank you Dave and Andriy for responding to my enhancement suggestion. Writers are looking for the same Preview button (button that looks like an eye which takes them to Draft Space) that appears when a publication is selected in the Publications Folder in Organize Space (see screen shot below).

    If a writer is using the where used functionality for an object that is used in multiple publications, it would be very helpful to have the Preview button available that would show the contents of the publication in Review Space in a different tab. This way the writer could see more details about that publication quickly. For example, in the screen shot below we have two publications listed in the Where Used panel. It would be helpful to have a Preview option displayed along with the Copy identifier option. This Preview option would open the publication in Review Space. 

  • Hello Christina,

    Indeed as Dave mentioned would be good to know what is expected from that preview, what information would be valuable for you?

    Do you need a compare feature between publication versions?

    Additionally, are you using Draft Space or Review Space? Since Organize Space gives you the possibility to open a publication in both of them

    There you can preview, review, and edit your publication

  • Dear Christina

    I would like to get more insight in your idea as the description is quite short. When you ask for a "Preview functionality for publications", what would that show? So what preview information would be valuable to you? Perhaps you could put it together with some supporting screenshot?

    Best wishes,