Under Community Review

The questions are:

* Would the users list from only Access Management be sufficient? Users list in Access Management is quite limited. Access management does not know about groups and permissions the user belongs too, this information can only be retrieved from Content Manager.  

* Would it make sense to have export of users from Content Manager instead? In this case we have access to groups and permissions info. Another thing is that Content Manager does not have user's "last login date", is it improtant to have it in report as well?

Lets gather more feedback what data is expected for users report.

Access Management - Export Users Information to CSV

Some of our customers need to run reports on their users.  It would be really nice to have an Export to CSV button on this list.  As a bonus, it would be even better if we could also export the groups and permissions of each user.

Screenshot of Tridion Sites Ideas user management interface showing a list of users with columns for Name, Status, Identity Provider, and Last Login Date. Two users are listed, both activated, with Windows as the identity provider.