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Add a column of the workflow's Process Id in the All Activities lists

In Tridion, if you navigate to Administration > Workflow Management > All Activities

This loads all workflow activities.  You can hover over each row to see the tcm id.  This is all good.

The problem here is it is quite difficult to associate a particular workflow activity to a Process ID.

It would be great if the All Activities' list can include the Tcm Id (or just Id) of the workflow Process.

I know underneath, the table 'WFL_ACTIVITY_INSTANCES' has a field called 'PROCESS_INSTANCE_ID'.  This field is the field that establish the relation to table 'WFL_PROCESS_INSTANCES' so this Process Id is there...

  • Hi Nick,

    This requests comes from doing Support ticket with a hosted customer.  The challenge for us in Support is looking up things in customer's environment.

    Let me give you an example:

    Customer says "I am having trouble starting a workflow activity"

    So for us, from a Support's perspective, coming in to troubleshoot the issue, we need establish a couple of things

    What workflow process does the particular workflow activity comes from ? What items (component,page) does the particular workflow comprise of ?

    so the current "All Activities" screen, does not provide us this information.  So a lot of time, I ended up having to ask our Cloud Op Team to run queries like this:

    SELECT PI.ID AS ProcessId, pi.PUBLICATION_ID , pi.TITLE as ProcessTitle,
    left join WFL_WORK_ITEMS wi on wi.ACTIVITY_INSTANCE_ID = ai.ID
    where in (3016, 3017);

  • Hi Brandon. I'm curious where this request comes from, i.e., is it something that you believe many customers using Tridion Sites' workflow functionality would find useful?

    In the activities list in Experience Space, which will be available in Sites 10, we have a dedicated column for the process definition. However, it only shows the title, to see the URI you would need to hover the corresponding cell, which means it isn't possible to copy the value.

    It would be relatively easy for an implementer to add a column to show the process definition URI, or indeed the process instance URI, via the Experience Space extension mechanism. The same is true in the Classic UI.

    However, in Experience Space there are a couple of other places where we could expose the process instance URI but currently don't: the (i) Information panel, and (ii) the list export functionality. Neither of these are extensible, so if this information is useful/needed by some customers we should consider including it in Sites 10.