In Progress

Add a Filename Column to the Structure Group List View

Add a new column to the Structure Group list view that would display the filename next to the Page Title.  This is helpful when trying to find the Index Page in a large list of Pages.  It is also very helpful when trying to find the Page in Tridion when we know the URL on the frontend.  I've made the extension for a client using Tridion 2011 and it has been requested to be added to Web 8 after the upgrade by the editorial team.

In Tridion 2011 I made a similar extension to show the URI of an item in the GUI as a new column, and hope it's this simple in Web 8.

  • Yes, as a configurable field this would be preferable. Some customers want this, while others may be too long. 

  • Alvin any updates on this feature? This is crucial for users to see filename in the list view. Editors don't always know page title. They just know page filename/url, and want to easily find page in the list. This must be easy to implement, but it will be huge improvement for editors!!!

  • Performance and applicability for most views is also our concern.

    For this idea specifically, is it just about finding index pages or pages with specific names, in a given folder?

    For example, would introducing a more "native" concept of a default/index page solve the question here?

    What about the ability to do a type-ahead search for things like tcm URI or filename, which would match items, but not show those details in the list itself?

    For example, here's an example where typing in a tcm URI filters the current list to the matching ID.

    If a user typed, for example, "index..." would that address this use case?

    Of course we could consider always showing the filename, though the other main use case I see for that is seeing binary filenames (which could indeed be useful for SEO review along with page paths/URLs). I'd prefer a bit of system or user configuration before adding more columns. :-)

  • +1 - imagine the joy of a guy who just wants to review the URL filenames from an SEO point of view if they could have this kind of overview in the CMS. It should not be limited to just the pages, but also the sub-structure groups.

  • If this was to be built in then it could be useful to be able to select if the column is shown on not for each editor; i.e. most editors won't need this information and there are other simple methods of ensuring index pages are listed first or prefixed with something. I can see it being useful but if it affects the GUI speed in anyway I'd rather have it when I specifically want it.