Under Community Review

Add New User By Name to be added as standard Tridion Functionality.

The 'Add User By Name' A4T plugin should be as standard within the Content Manager.
From a customer perspective, if they receive timeouts when trying to complete this task via the standard wizard they will have complete the task of increasing timeouts and then still wait a long time for a user to be added successfully. 
A customer shouldn't (In my opinion) be told or required to install a plugin for basic functionality. 


  • For Sites 9.5 we are looking into performing the authentication for the Content Manager Explorer in another application that acts as a federated gateway to one or more identity providers (for example AzureAd, auth0). Identity providers can send a list of claims that belongs to the user once there are successfully logged in. The claims can contain groups that the user belongs to. Based on those claims you can give user(s) access to the Content Manager Explorer; you don’t have to explicitly add the user. Does this help you or do you still want to explicitly add users? The value of the sub claim that is part of the access token differs per identity providers, it could be an email address or GUID which could be challenging if this is needed for manually adding a user.

  • A4T is not available for SDL Tridion Sites9. A modified version of the Add New User popup can be found on GitHub