Under Community Review

Thank you for the feedback! We will take this into account when reviewing design for advanced search options in Experience Space in a future release. 

Advanced search additions: Date NOT Modified & Date last published

We constantly try to improve the quality and lifecycle of our content. It would be really helpful if the Advanced search could be used to find items that have NOT been modified or have not recently been published (but are online). Maybe something is already possible for those queries? I created virtual folders for our editors to have the latest outdated pages (in order for them to go over and check if this content is still up to date).

I now have to use the Date or Range option, but that is quite static, we prefer:

Date NOT Modified: in the last xx Days/Months


Date not Published: in the last xx Days/Months


Screenshot showing two virtual folders in Tridion Sites Ideas, one labeled '999 Not edited since 102022 - pages' and another labeled '999 Not published'.

Screenshot of the Advanced search panel in Tridion Sites Ideas with options to limit search by Date Modified, Author, Keyword, Publish Status, and more. Date Modified is set to 'In the last 12 Month(s)' and Publish Status is set to 'Published'.