Under Community Review

We will review this as a candidate for future release. 

Allow the ability to re-configure an AddOn Extension to make it unique so the AddOn Service can upload it as another extension.

I am submitting this ER for a customer.  Customer uses AddOn Extension exclusively for deployer and content service.  Customer have multiple CD environments and not all of them have same CD Hotfixes applied.   Whenever a CD Hotfix is needed to be apply, it is a challenge due to impact to many internal teams who have applications that consume those microservices

Reason for this AddOn Service improvement.

At the moment, AddOn Service does not allow "multiple version" of AddOn Extension to be deployed.  The AddOn Upload interface just simply overwrite an existing AddOn extension that was already there.  If we tried to re-edit the manifest.json and making the "Id" value in that file to be unique and re-zip and re-upload in AddOn Service, the upload could not be accepted by AddOn Service due to non-comforming  package naming.

A SRQ-23931 was raised for this...

Hoping this ER makes it in future version of AddOn Service.