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Concurrent Users (Display)

Create a ticker within the CME that displays the concurrent active users within the CME

  • Thanks, Natalilia. In an ideal scenario, the basic functionality should suffice; any enhancements would be advantageous, though not obligatory. I find the inclusion of this as a reporting feature particularly appealing.

  • Thanks, Andrew, for the idea.

    Would you like to see just a number of concurrent users currently working in CM? Or do you also want to see the names of this users?

    For the benefits 1 and 2 probally just number of current users is enough.

    Benefits 3,4 would require knowing of content user is currently working on.

    The rest of benefits looks to me like more related to reporting so administrators would get a report when, and how many concurrent users working in the system in specific period of time.

  • Thanks, Alvin. Always good to hear from you :)

    We were thinking by displaying a ticker for the number of concurrent users in Tridion Sites, could provide several benefits for both users and admins.

    Here is a quick potential list of benefits: 

    1. Real-Time Monitoring:
    - Immediate insights into how many users are actively engaging with the content at any given moment.
    - Enables administrators to monitor the system's performance and handle potential issues promptly.

    2. Resource Allocation:
    - Helps in allocating resources effectively, such as server capacity and bandwidth, based on current user activity.

    3. User Engagement:
    - Provides a sense of community and engagement by showing users that they are not alone in accessing the content.
    - Encourages participation and interaction, as users may be more likely to engage with content that others are also viewing.

    4. Content Popularity:
    - Indicates which content is currently popular or trending by observing the number of concurrent users accessing specific pages or articles.

    5. User Support:
    - Aids in providing better support by identifying potential issues if there is a sudden drop in concurrent users or an unexpected increase.

    6. Content Optimization:
    - Helps in optimizing content strategy by identifying peak usage times, allowing administrators to schedule updates or releases during periods of high user activity.

    7. Promotions and Campaigns:
    - Facilitates the measurement of the immediate impact of promotions, campaigns, or announcements by observing changes in concurrent user numbers.

    8. Security Monitoring:
    - Assists in identifying unusual patterns or spikes in user activity that could indicate security threats, such as a potential DDoS attack.

    9. User Transparency:
    - Promotes transparency with users by providing insight into the popularity and demand for the content

  • Nice one, Andrew. Is this idea about maintenance, like knowing if users are on before changing the Content Manager? Or is it more from an editorial perspective?