In Progress

Control Cleanup/Logging Deployer setting via GUI


Its common when there are Deployer problems that SDL Support will need a failing transport package collected along with logs.

At the moment this would mean stopping n numbers of Deployers in an environment and then changing logback.xml settings (log level) and deployer-conf.xml settings (Cleanup attribute). 

This usually involves some kind of 3rd party and in larger implementations and in a PRD environment this has to be a highly coordinated activity as this would affect all authoring/publishing to that environment.

I assume we need the restart of Deployer in order to "pick up" these settings changes - but why can't Deployer read such settings from the instructions.xml in a package itself?

This way, an optional sys-admin-only tab could be added to the publishing dialog where "Cleanup=false" and "Log-Level=DEBUG" could be set via an appropriate UX, added into that transport package and sent to the Deployer where they could be read and acting as it does now based on those settings.

In my experience time is of the essence with Deployer problems and being able to reproduce and gather package/logs quickly on PRD environments is critical. This way a sys-admin could do these two key steps almost immediately after a problem was identified.