Under Community Review

Thanks for an idea

Let's see if there will be interest from community for such a change for CoreService.REST

CoreService.REST additional new api GetItemAsXML()

Good to have CoreService.REST to have an additional new API GetItemAsXML() to return the XML response out of the Component.Content object. similar to our legacy WCF response. 

We have some use cases to use Fonto Editor to Integrate with  Tridion Sites, In some implementations, cases are already done based on WCF based on that XML response output, It will also help backward compatibility.

  • Making the Fonto integration 100% REST based would be very valuable and would make the solution much simpler....please do enable the function for REST.

  • +1 for the use case to use Fonto to edit multiple Tridion Sites items in context. That kind of contextual editing of items side-by-side can significantly reduce the actions to edit multiple items. This could be across multiple small Components in the same BluePrinting context or perhaps across publications, versions, or items on a page. Fonto could offer the headless equivalent to Experience Manager.

    Another use case for getting (and setting) the source XML is for changing, moving, and synchronizing fields. For example, we’ve had a recent project to copy content from old to new Schemas. Changes include new field names, values from different fields grouped into one list, and conditional changes to field values. This could be done field-by-field, but changing the source XML can be easier.