Under Community Review

Dark Mode for Tridion Sites

As a user, it would be helpful if Tridion had support for light mode (the current default) as well as a dark mode, to match user site or system preferences.

This could take on the form of a toggle in the user's profile settings which the user can control from the Tridion UI, or a more modern approach, and my personal recommendation is it reflects the system settings of the computer the user is working on.

For an example of how this works in the real word, see: https://github.com/rws which changes based on computer system settings.

Light Mode

Screenshot of RWS GitHub page in light mode, showing pinned repositories for Tridion Sites Ideas such as dxa-web-application-dotnet and dxa-web-application-java.

Dark Mode

Screenshot of RWS GitHub page in dark mode, with the same content as the first image, including pinned repositories and top languages used.