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Disable 'Add' button for the Component Template option of 'None' when you disable template-less publishing on the schema

With 9.5, i see users can add components to page without selecting template (meaning None). I see its to support data-only publishing.

In 9.1 we don't have this feature, so whenever a user try to add a component without any template to the page, system will disable Add button. But in 9.5, Add button is enabled for None CT.

Users are accidentally adding components with it and seeing object reference errors while publishing same.

So for a customer without templateless publishing in place, Is there a toggle to disable this feature? All we want is Add button disabled if CT not selected(None) while adding components to Page.

  • As pointed out by  , setting the 

    TRIDION_SITES_DATAPIPELINE_DISABLED environment variable to true

    will result in the desired behavior in both the Classic UI and Experience Space.

    The topic has also been discussed in the following Tridion Stack Exchange post: https://tridion.stackexchange.com/questions/22053/validate-component-template-selection-on-page-saving

    Note that for Experience Space to pick up the change, in addition to restarting the TCM Service Host, an IISRESET is also required.

  • Just disable this feature, as described in the following article: gateway.sdl.com/.../communityknowledge

  • Perhaps as a workaround it would be feasible for you to define a region for the page? This could then be used solely to constrain which component templates are allowed.

    Tridion Sites interface showing the configuration of component constraints in a region with options to define the number of components and select allowed schemas and component templates.

    The Classic UI will still allow components with a different (or no) template to be added to the page, but saving will fail.

    Experience Space will prevent users adding a component without an allowed template.

    Tridion Sites content selection interface with a 'Constraints' button highlighted, showing a list of content items under the 'About' section with various statuses and schemas.

  • Maybe there could be a nudge in the UI for editors, in addition to training? For example, the Component Template is selected automatically for Components that only have one Component Template. What if the default behavior for Components that have multiple Component Templates would be to select the first available template, perhaps by alphanumeric order?

    This way, if there are any Component Templates for a given Component, editors would start with a template selected, starting with a traditional Component Presentation. They would need to explicitly select "none."

    This is just an idea to consider where:

    • No template Components can be added as expected
    • Single-template Components would still have a template selected
    • (potential change) Multiple-template Components would start with a Component Template, and the editor could choose another, maybe even "none" (though maybe it would happen less frequently on accident).
  • Whilst I like the idea in general (I'm always a fan of having configurable options but this has to be weighed with the opportunity cost of one over the other), to be fair this sounds as much of a training issue as anything. What if the client decides to move forward with Templateless Publishing, say for a single Publication, or for a specific section in a Publication - you'd be back to square one (unless there was exceptionally granular toggling which becomes as much a nightmare to administrate (and explain). Would it mame more sense to offer robust training or consider writing an extension so you can control it to the specifics of this use case?