Idea Delivered Partially

Our focus is on the new GraphQL-based Content API, which in SDL Tridion Sites 9.5 allows you to:

  • use the new Sites Search functionality to retrieve content related to particular keywords
  • use pagination and sorting in the generic items GraphQL root query

For a future release we are looking to improve the taxonomy retrieval, including the ability to fetch related components within a single query.

Extend DXA 2.0 In-Context Model Service or Content Service to add Taxonomy and Pagination Support

Problem Statement:

In DXA 2.0.2 Model Service version, there is no provision to deal with the Taxonomy data if it is not associated with a page. Also if several components are linked to a list type of Component, to retrieve each and every Entity Model, Web App needs to call several times to resolve and fetch the content of individual component based on the number of linked components. This causes performance bottleneck as currently with the Page Model, all the linked Entity Models are fetched at the same time without any pagination support.

Requested Hotfix Solution:

  • Taxonomy Support: Given a category name, the Model Service should be able to pull all the keywords/child keywords hierarchy resolving all linked components with any keywords at the same time. To manage the performance of the service, criteria, pagination details and sorting parameters can be passed to the service as inputs and the service would deliver the list as per pagination and sorting requests. 
  • Pagination and Sorting Support: For a static list of components linked with a list type of component and embedded on a page in Content Manager, Model Service should be able to deliver the static list of components linked to the list component in paginated and sorted fashion. List retrieval criteria, pagination requirements and sorting parameter(s) can be passed to the service as inputs. The service should be able to deliver page specific list of components based on the page size in the response to the Web App.
  • The Model Service Hot-fix on DXA 2.0 would be available as Forward Compatible to DXA 2.2 and beyond as a hot-fix to DXA 2.2 Content Service (As Model Service has been decommissioned in version 2.2)