Under Community Review

Indicate visually in lists that a structure group is not publishable

It can be surprising when items don't publish when you publish them. Even now that we get "Warning" status instead of Success in the pubtrans list, you can end up wondering what went wrong. Making the structure group visually different when not publishable would be useful.

  • So far the discussion has been about "Why would you use the existing feature of Tridion that allows you to prevent publication of a Structure Group?" The fact remains that there are genuine use cases. Most installations have at least one such Structure Group. The "idea" is to make that visually apparent.

  • I can think of a couple of use cases. One is creating content that isn't ready to go live yet, but permissions are probably just as good for that. Another common one is where you create  a structure group so that you can publish binaries to it. Generally you won't want pages in there too, but again that can be done with permissions. The third case I can think of is where you have some part of your URL hierarchy that "belongs" to some system other than Tridion, so you put a structure group there as a place holder, to be sure nobody tries to put their own content there.

  • Which pages would you typically _not_ publish? One use case would be Page Types for Experience Manager, but have you used this feature to prevent publishing before then? Maybe for archival purposes?