Under Community Review

Make it easier for users to choose the right identity provider in Access Management

When configured, Access Management allows users of the product to select their identity provider (IDP) and then log into their account to get access to a system or interface such as the Classic UI or Experience Space.

As a new user, it might be confusing for which IDP to choose, especially in setups where there's an IDP for the customer as well as other options for partners or perhaps RWS (e.g. for cloud setups).

I think it could improve both the onboarding experience and regular logins to offer fewer options or a clear default, especially for the main customer users for a given system.

For example, perhaps that initial login might:

  • First present just an email field, similar to RWS ID that detects the email and then continues login (password or IDP selection) based on the detected email and domain. Similarly, other ways to nudge the user to the right IDP could help (anonymous cookie, IP, or unique logic or URL).
  • Offer control over the order of IDPs or other ways to make the "default" choice clearer, especially for new and frequent users. Perhaps the main IDP is first with different size and color.
  • If not already configurable, have configurable descriptions for the IDP. This could explain to users which IDP they should choose (e.g. "Office365 login for XYZ Company users").


  • Identity providers in Access Management have a Name property that is displayed on the login screen for classic UI, Experience Space, or whatever 

    This property is configurable and can be adjusted if necessary it can represent not IDP name, instead a department name can be used, for example, to help a user make the right choice