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Good suggestion. Another workaround for now would be to right-click the selected tree node on the left and refresh. 

Make "Refresh" available also on Grid view

When I edit a component and I want to choose an image, a modal shows up where I can choose an image. The default view is the "Grid view". In this view it's not possible to right click among the objects and choose "Refresh". Though, this is possible when I change view to "List view". It would be better to have that choice also on the "Grid view" since it's a feature that is often used and necessary, and that it's often more convenient to be able to preview the images when choosing them.

My workaround now is to go to "List view", refresh, and then go back to "Grid view".

Screenshot of Tridion Sites Ideas 'List view' with a red circle highlighting the 'Refresh' option available when right-clicking on an object.

Screenshot of Tridion Sites Ideas 'Grid view' with a red arrow pointing to the view switcher without a 'Refresh' option available.