Under Community Review

There are multiple options and changing time zones is complex. Please comment, vote and share your feedback. 

Make time zones and date-time stamps configurable

Older Tridion Sites versions showed the server time in its UI, which may be the same or different to each user's time.

The Content Manager has since changed to standardize time stamps to UTC in the database while the UIs now show time stamps in the users' local time stamps.

I've heard this has had an impact on editors working with time-sensitive content and scheduled publishing, where they want to view or think about time stamps in a time zone different than their own.

Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • A page may need to be published at, or near, a certain time, perhaps 12:00AM in Eastern Time Zone. As an editor working in Pacific time zone, it would be convenient to either see view the publishing options, or simply the entire UI, in the Eastern Time zone.
  • For auditing purposes, multiple people may need to find and review time stamps using the UI. However, with dates different between users, it is hard to compare these dates, at least from the UI.  

Here are some related ideas, but they're not exactly the same:

This idea here is to give users, or perhaps their content administrators, the ability to set the time zone for the UI to something other than just the user's time. Perhaps that's a per-user setting, something specific to publishing/history/other screens, or something more global. Maybe an option to switch between zones might be appreciated, but I think we need more comments, votes, and feedback to expand and clarify this idea.