Under Community Review

We'll see how the Sites view could be combined or better integrated with the Publication list in the Content Explorer for future UI work.

Open publications from Sites screen

In the Sites screen, showing a list of Tridion-managed web sites, make it possible to select a publication to go directly to the selected publication in Content Explorer (i.e. publication selected in Publications panel).

  • Well, this is your idea, so anywhere works really. Let's catch up before the next user group?

  • When are you coming over to Trivident HQ to discuss the Sites screen in 9.5? ;)

  • Like you, I use the overview to explain multisite management (in trainings, workshops, etc.). To relate this to BluePrinting (and publications) it would be really powerful to explain the connection between specific websites (as displayed in the Sites screen) and specific publications. With this I think it would make sense a lot to be able to go directly to the associated publication in Content Explorer, as suggested. ;)

  • Do you find yourself or editors using this list of sites? And if so, how is this screen particularly useful compared to the Publication tree, custom pages, or other ways editors get to managed websites?

    In the new Graphene-based User Interface setup we could choose to implement a similar "Sites" or "Channels" view OR consolidate these features into the CME view. It can help us to understand what parts of the "Sites" view is preferred or useful to editors for an update sometime after Sites 9.5.

    Note that this doesn't need to be a frequently used screen. For example, I've personally used this Sites overview to explain multi-site CMS concepts without diving directly into the Content Manager Explorer. :-)

  • i think this can be done by customizing the UI and adding links to the Publications