Under Community Review

We can consider this as a broader topic than just the order of resolvers.

Essentially there could be dependencies between add-on packages, which are not able to take into account today. Putting this to Under Community Review to gather votes to see how many people think this is something to look into soon.

Order control for resolvers (addons)

Currently an order of resolvers can be defined only in the context of one Add-on package using manifest.json file.
There is no possibility to define an order across different (Addon) packages.

We would like a way to configure the order of resolvers from multiple Addon packages.

Example: resolver A from Addon "X" must be executed AFTER resolver B from Addon "Y", but BEFORE resolver C from Addon "Z" 

It would even be better if this can be configured in the (addon?) UI

  • Would this be for resolvers for publishing?

    In terms of order, hypothetically, would it make sense to have the order of the Add-On packages in the UI determine order of the resolvers (just an idea)? Slight smile

    I guess you could package all the resolvers up together in one Add-On. But maybe it's helpful to be able to independently deploy and test them separately?