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Publishing process status notification

Currently, when we publish any item, after it goes to the publishing queue, we need to Click on publishing queue to open the publishing queue window and then keep pressing the refresh button to see the status of publishing for each item.

Can we have bit more efficient notification - for example: The notification pop-up, instead of just getting hide after displaying that the item has been sent to the publishing queue; may be the pop-up remains active and showing live status of publish state for the items. Alternatively, we may be having a non-modal popup showing dynamic/live status of publishing.

This might be an issue in case hundreds of items or more are being published in one go, so we may think of showing Top 10 items with live publishing states with a "View More" link and let user click only once on "View More" to see more items in pop up with live publishing states

  • And while we're on the subject. Why isn't it possible to modify the priority of existing transactions? Obviously, by the time the publisher has picked them up, it's too late, but both content workers and admins would benefit from this.

  • Things I look for in the publish queue:

    1) Did my item(s) arrive there OK?

    2) What items are currently being processed.... do rendering, deploying etc. Is stuff currently moving? Do I see different items "in progress"? (A catch-all "in progress" status would be good)

    3) How many items are ahead of my item. Ideally this could collapse to more abstract items... e.g.

    -- Fred has 19 items ahead of you.3 of these are in progress. Oh look, now it's 17!

    -- Crazy Marge from Marketing has 1092 items on High. Estimated cups of coffee required if they don't get deleted: 72

    4) What failed? A notification for failed items would be good. Then you could fire and forget more easily

  • Would receiving notifications from a publish transaction as outlined in this blog post satisfy your requirements? It will show a notification message in the message center for each publish transaction that you submitted which is completed in a Failed or Successful state.

  • Perhaps another solution would be to have some persistent information on the UI top right nav bar with the publishing information, similar to the "User Preferences", "Notifications", and "Things to do" dropdown modals.

    That placement has by default, a number which it shows how many of each thing you can currently see (number of notifications, tasks, etc). It could also show how many items are currently in the publish queue. This would be helpful for users to know how many items are currently in the queue so they know what to expect when they publish their own content (many items in queue so mine will take longer to get through vs nothing in queue so mine will publish right away).

    Clicking on the menu item shows a modal dropdown, with perhaps a web socket connection showing what is happening to the last ten items in the queue and a link to view all which opens the main publish queue window. The publish queue would of course also have some type of live updating feature without clicking a refresh button.

    If performance really is the reason for not having a live updating queue, as has been suggested before, I'm sure some kind of compromise can be found, such as pagination, or perhaps lazy loading the list 20 rows at a time using the "infinite scrolling" technique.

  • Whenever I publish anything, the next thing I do is open the publish queue. Always. I don't think I ever publish anything that I'm not immediately interested in seeing the progress of.