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Recent places

It would be cool to have 'Recent places' link on the 'Shortcuts' menu on the left hand navigation of Tridion. The link would show all items: components and pages recently visited/opened/modified. 

This would help content authors to easily navigate through endless structure of folders and structure groups.



  • Hi Arno, sorry for late reply, but Favourites is something different. You mark a folder as your Favorites but I am looking is a shortcut link to list all the recent folders, pages and SGs I have opened. Regards,


  • and community members: Favorites are available as of the SDL Web 8.5 release. Please give us feedback on whether this will help your use case.

    If you think Recent items / places would still make sense to add, what kind of item types would you expect in there? Organizational items like folders and structure groups you browse into, or the organization items where the individual items reside you opened like Components, Pages, etc, or the individual items themselves? This can grow into a large list, which ideally should be limited to keep it useful.

  • We are looking to improve item selection by introducing things like favorite locations in the item select dialogue. We have some concept for "last location" when selecting an item, but we might also look at exposing more than a single recent place.

    I don't think we'll pick this up this year, but we may revisit this especially if we can introduce a way to track actions within an editors user-session. Currently we use AppData for things like starting location and last-used location, but there might be a better technical solution.

    In the meantime, consider using Publication Types to help editors filter Publications. We also have a "starting location" feature to quickly jump to a spot in the list view.