Under Community Review

Valid points Vanessa! In Experience Space Tridion Sites 10  it is possible to filter and sort on all available columns but the reclassify action is not yet available. 

Reclassify from search/page level. Or adding Structure Group info on tag level.

When needing to reclassify multiple pages, it's way more easy to find them via search within a structure group, instead of via the keyword, where you can only sort on page name. But in 9.5 classic UI, I'm only able to reclassify from the Category level. On page level I only have the option Classify, but with that you are only able to classify for the first time, and not reclassify. Another way of fixing this, would be to show the path of the structure group on Category level, see screenshots.

Also I found a bug when reclassifying via the tag level. When sending a selection of pages up for reclassify via the right click menu, immediately after that, the right click menu only has limited operations available. So when reclassifying in batches, you have to wait/refresh for the next batch.

Another wish is to be able to see only pages on tag level, instead of 'components' or 'components & pages'.