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Needs more details on the use cases.

Retrieve the complete publishing history

There were some discussion in stackexchange in the past.

We have a request that the functionality "Retrieve the complete publishing history" should be implemented as standard functionality.

  • Neil: that reminded me of one of the MVP retreat projects (from 2012, but the events system hasn't changed that much so it would probably still work). Basically they dumped output from every event that fired into a MongoDb database. I don't think the database itself was important so probably a quick port if you prefer Elastic github.com/.../tridion-2011-reporting

  • This exact question just came in from a client:

    "... would be helpful for my side if I can get the history of publishing on that incorrect page for the last 12 month period so that we can see when in the past it has been published live by mistake and when it was subsequently unpublished. TCM of page I need that data for: tcm:95-263109-64.

    Something super-sexy in Kibana would be nice!

  • Tridion does not have auditing functionality out of the box. There are quite some customers who need such functionality (for legal reasons, for example), but it needs to be implemented as an extension based on the concrete customer's requirements.

    Could you provide more details on your requirements so that SDL will consider if there are customers with similar requirements that can be productized?

  • I'm curious what you want the complete publishing history for? Have you already built an events system that logs publishing history? If so, what do you use it for? If not, why do you think a product feature is justified?