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SSO Integration - IDP initiated flow

SSO Integration feature request - 

Existing functionality (SP initiated flow) – The existing feature available in Tridion 9.6 for SSO integration is the SP initaited flow, where the application cannot be shown up in the SSO dashboard. For example if we have the application onboarded to the OKTA SSO, the application is not been shown up in the OKTA dashboard for the user to select. The users should access using the URL's only

Desired functionality(IDP initiated flow) – The application should be accessible for the users through the SSO application dashboard

  • Hi

    Could you share a bit more details on the use case you described?

    Is customer using Trdion 9.6 with Access Management security?

    What applications from Tridion Sites you would expect user should see in the OKTA dashboard?

    Do they want to see there Classic UI (CME) and than navigate and automatically login to it? Or may be Experience Space UI?