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Stop Publishing Button

This idea is aimed at providing administrators with enhanced control over the publication process.

The proposed feature involves the implementation of a "STOP publish" button, essentially serving as a master switch to temporarily halt all publication activities. Here's an analogy: envision an administrator pulling a lever to bring an assembly line to a halt. This functionality would act as a centralized mechanism, providing administrators with a quick and efficient means to suspend publishing processes across the entire system. 

Taking a more granular approach, we could extend this feature to operate on a publication level. This would allow administrators to stop the publication for a specific set of items (X publications) rather than a global halt affecting the entire system (Y publications)

  • There already is a PowerShell cmdlet to take a CD Environment offline (in Topology Manager), resulting in all deployments to that CD Environment being postponed until it is set to online again.  Would this be sufficient for your use case? In general, it would be good to better understand the use cases: what are reasons to temporarily suspend publishing?

    BTW: That PowerShell cmdlet seems to be largely undocumented, but you can get help in a PowerShell console:

    PS C:\> get-help Disable-TtmCdEnvironment


    Marks specified CdEnvironment as being offline.

    Disable-TtmCdEnvironment [-Id] <String> [-TtmServiceUrl <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

    The Disable-TtmCdEnvironment cmdlet sets CdEnvironment with the specified Id status to offline. New and existing Pu
    blish Transactions will be postponed with WaitingForCdEnvironment status.
    If such item does not exist an exception will be thrown.

    PS C:\> get-help Enable-TtmCdEnvironment


    Marks specified CdEnvironment as being online.

    Enable-TtmCdEnvironment [-Id] <String> [-TtmServiceUrl <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

    The Enable-TtmCdEnvironment cmdlet sets CdEnvironment with the specified Id status to online. CdEnvironment will be
    ready for publishing (new Publish Transactions will be created and postponed Publish Transactions will be resumed)
    If such item does not exist an exception will be thrown.
  • Hi Rick, if you look at this perspective from a customer viewpoint. Currently, due to our cloud-based infrastructure, accessing TopMan directly is not feasible. Instead, addressing such issues involves raising a support ticket, assigning someone to pick it up, and potentially waking up a team member halfway across the globe to execute the necessary command.

    In light of this, I suggest considering a user-facing (admin or group based such as Alvin hinted above) button that can execute the required command directly. This approach would not only streamline the process but also enhance the overall user experience by providing a more efficient and accessible solution.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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