Under Community Review

Stop Publishing Button

This idea is aimed at providing administrators with enhanced control over the publication process.

The proposed feature involves the implementation of a "STOP publish" button, essentially serving as a master switch to temporarily halt all publication activities. Here's an analogy: envision an administrator pulling a lever to bring an assembly line to a halt. This functionality would act as a centralized mechanism, providing administrators with a quick and efficient means to suspend publishing processes across the entire system. 

Taking a more granular approach, we could extend this feature to operate on a publication level. This would allow administrators to stop the publication for a specific set of items (X publications) rather than a global halt affecting the entire system (Y publications)

Parents Comment Children
  • In version 10, the introduction of publish notifications aligns with the concept you've mentioned. However, there are some nuances to consider. Specifically, any ongoing processes would continue to completion, while items in a pending state would effectively be canceled and subsequently require a republish