Idea Delivered Partially

Syntax highlighting for rich text is included in Experience Space in SDL Tridion Sites 9.5.

This newer interface is focused on daily editorial actions and will not include source view tabs for the other items requested. These XML-based views might be considered in a future update, though we might instead consider showing different versions or even formats for the existing XML data.

Syntax highlighting

I wrote an extension for syntax highlighting but I'm really bad at keeping it updated.

Ideally I would like to see syntax highlighting and working TAB key wherever there is Razor, XML or HTML displayed.

  • Component Source tab
  • RTF source tab
  • Schema source tab
  • Component template source tab
  • TBB source tab (Razor, XSLT)
  • etc

This would give HTML savvy editors a better experience and also make it easier for developers to debug or change the source of items with less margin for error.

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