Under Community Review

The idea has been chosen to be prototyped at Tridion Sites Innovation event, that is currently going on internally.

Lets put it under community review to see if we can get even more votes. We can than look if/when we can productize the prototype.

View the license entitlement for Tridion Sites.

For Tridion Sites, it would be very handy to have a dashboard or built-in app where we can see what license is being used, where and how; and for both the CM and DXD sides.
In Experience Space, for example a new tab "Entitlement" could display such information. 

  • +1 to having the license information available to users. I’d expect or prefer this kind of information wherever we show the product version. So users can see what is licensed for their givien product version. A hint at when the license or support expires might be too much to ask for. :-)

    I think Content Delivery license information would fit in screens about publications or the topology. For example, the Topology Manager screen already shows capabilities known to the discovery services(s).!It could make sense to show what’s licensed, independent of what’s running.

    Finally, a hint at whether translation or  CD search is available or licensed on the schema screen could be useful. For example,schema designers might not be aware if the settings for translatable or indexable fields apply. A visual hint could be nice.