Under Community Review

This makes sense and is interesting. The Graphene XPM work is already separating the Published to tab.

We'll see how we can further improve the experience for loading the Uses and Used In tabs.

Where Used - load only on explicit request

When you do a `Where Used` on an item, the query for the first tab `Used In` is automatically triggered. As we all know this is a very expensive operation with potentially hundreds/thousands of resulting items. This makes no sense in my opinion, especially if I'm not interested in the results of `Used in` and I just want to get to the `Uses` or `Published to` tab. The same behavior can be observed when switching between the 3 tabs, clicking a tab triggers the loading of the items/data. My suggestion would be to change the `Refresh` button to `Load` (or some other meaningful name), and load the items only when explicitly requested, similarly to the publishing queue's (PQ) `Show Tasks` or refresh icon. In the PQ you only get results when you ask for them, of course it's because there's a lot of filtering options, so it's somewhat different, but I believe the mechanism should be on-demand in both areas.