How to add line according to block in frill processing

I need to add vertical line which will grow according to the content even in next page it will only come up to the content .

Somehow i am able to add the line by using rum macro and frill processing but as i know frill processing will reflect same in each page
, is there any other way that we can implement and find out the specific depth of
the content and grow the vertical line in frills according to the data.

Can anyone help me on this.



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  • Hi Mark,

    Actually, i am trying to draw a vertical rule which must start from an element in the xml and it must end while the element is over. Like below






    So, here i am trying to achieve the depth of the vertical rule dynamically so that it gets adjusted according to content size. For achieving the vertical rule, i am creating a frill block and drawing a line with <rum;1> and rotating the frill to 90 degrees. Here my problem is, the line is not getting stopped in </verticalLine>. It grows even after that since it is a frill block. So i am looking for a math which will decide it.

    Below are the screenshots for vertical line output and page layout which contains frill processing macro. Actually the line has to stop near the box which has 'No' text in it, which is end of vertical line element.

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