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Welcome to the Contenta Publishing Suite’s Community pages! This is a place you can ask questions about Contenta, Contenta S1000D, LiveContent S1000D and XPP and engage with other users and RWS staff to start a discussion and find solutions.

  • Blogs and Events show product and event news, information and tips 
  • Leaderboard lists frequent contributors to these pages
  • Forums is where you ask questions and begin discussions with peers and RWS staff
  • Files contains archived Conference brochures
  • Release Info brings you to a knowledge article for product lifecycle information
  • Docs opens docs.rws.com, our documentation website

 Under “Ideas” above, you can select a product, post an idea for a product enhancement, vote on it, have others vote on it and add use cases. Ideas is actively used for XPP today, the product team reviews this regularly. You can see ideas that have been fully implemented, partially implemented or are under review. We will be implementing this for the other Contenta Publishing Suite products soon.

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