Language Weaver - Release Update (4.10.1 - April 2022)

Language Weaver - Release Update (4.10.1 - April 2022)

Dear all,

I'm happy to announce that a new release of Language Weaver has been deployed to production.

This new release is introducing multiple new features, including the Enforcement of Translation Labelling, Reporting Enhancements and several User Interface and User Experience improvements.

What's New & Enhancements

  • New Features
    • Added Labelling of Translations Enforcement
      • Account admins can now enforce Label Selection for their users - each user will have to select at least one label before translating
    • Added Reporting Split per application
      • Added a new filter option in Reporting - Application
      • This allows users to see how much of their requests comes from UI/API/Connectors
      • Information about source of requests will only be displayed for requests submitted after the release.
      • Requests made through the portal will be labelled as "Language Weaver Portal". Requests made through API will be labelled as "Language Weaver API". 
      • Connectors and Plugins will appear in the reporting split once they have been updated to support this improvement.
      • Previous traffic will be labelled as "Legacy requests". 
    • Added Last Translation Date and Last Login Date for each users in Account Users page and User exports
  • Improvements
    • Linguists can now delete dictionaries, terms and brands
    • When uploading a file, a progress bar is now displayed
    • Customer Branding - Company logos can now be added as .svg files
    • Extensions menu is hidden for Translators and Linguists if the account admin did not enable any extensions for them
    • Registration flow (self served subscriptions) allows you to add address fields when a new customer is created

Bug Fixes

  • Reports excel export can now be filtered (excel sheet lock was removed)
  • Bug Fix - Label search query is no longer persisted on subsequent searches
  • HTML tags are no longer visible in the UI on the change password view
  • Custom Privacy notice is displayed properly when translation feedback is provided

We hope you'll enjoy this new release!

Thank you