Language Weaver connector now available for ServiceNow!

Language Weaver connector now available for ServiceNow!

Language Weaver connector now available for ServiceNow! 

Today, the RWS team is excited to launch our Language Weaver connector for ServiceNow, which allows for fast, secure, real-time translation powered by Linguistic AI directly within the application.

Link to ServiceNow AppStore:!/store/application/6353007ddbef6010dab3c5860596198a

Machine Translation is a key enabling technology that allows businesses and customers to communicate in real time, without language barriers. It is most effective when its integrated into existing workflows and made available to users wherever the multilingual content is. Rather than having to import the content into some external translation tool, our Connector Hub brings the technology to you. It is translation at your fingertips.

The Language Weaver connector for ServiceNow is built on state-of-the-art proprietary AI-technology that detects and translates text in any language or format. Language Weaver supports seamless dynamic translation of knowledge base content, chats, incident tickets, and other snippets text input, directly within your instance. All translations are carried out securely and in a matter of seconds, allowing you to focus the task at hand without worrying about language.

Language Weaver can be deployed as a secure cloud solution via our Language Weaver Cloud offering, or on-premise behind your firewall with our Language Weaver Edge offering.

Key Features

The Language Weaver connector for ServiceNow is extremely versatile and boasts a variety of features and functionality to support seamless customer interaction, including:

 Instant translations of a range of input types

  • Batch translation for multiple inputs
  • Supports Language Weaver Cloud or Edge (on-premise)
  • Secure translations ensuring absolutely data confidentiality
  • Over 2,600 language combinations supported including locales such Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and French Canadian
  • Dictionary support to tailor translation 
  • Customisable and adaptable translation solutions optional
  • Monitor usage directly from within Cloud or Edge interface


Getting Started 

 The connector is compatible with the Paris, Orlando, and Quebec releases of ServiceNow and to get started, all you need is a subscription to either Language Weaver (cloud) or Language Weaver Edge.

 Visit or contact sales to learn more.