Language Weaver Update - December 2023

Language Weaver Update - December 2023

Hi all,

I'm happy to share that new capabilities have been deployed in Language Weaver this month.

New capabilities include:

  • New Auto Adapted Language Pair Tab
    • It is now easier to create and view Auto Adaptive Language Pairs from a dedicated tab under Settings / Language Pairs

  • Import/Export feedback in TMX format
    • It is now possible to import and export feedback using the TMX format.
    • Import of new feedback using TMX is also supported


  • The "Account Settings" Page has been redesigned and sections created to organize settings in a meaningful way.
    • New sections include Data Privacy, Translation, Adaptability, Content Insights, and Integration.  
  • A new setting allows the Account Admins to allow or deny access to ABBYY PDF conversion based on User Groups
    • The feature is available under "Account Settings" / Translation / ABBYY Enhanced PDF Conversion
    • Under "Restrictions", you can either:
      • Allow ABBYY to all groups except specific groups
      • Allow ABBYY to specified groups only
    • The example below will only allow users from group "Customer 1" to use the ABBYY PDF conversion:


  • New Privacy Setting for Feedback:
    • A new privacy setting has been added to the Data Privacy section to ensure that Feedback remains fully private and can't be seen by Language Weaver.
    • With "Private Account Feedback" set to "Enabled", Language Weaver won't be able to see or review your feedback. Feedback will remain fully private.
    • Note that even with "Private Account Feedback" set to "Disabled", Language Weaver never use Account User Feedback to train generic models. If a score or a comment is provided by a user, it may be reviewed by one of our researchers with the aim to understand specific challenges that need to be addressed in our generic models.

I hope you'll enyoy these new features. If you have any questions, please use the Community forum or contact your account manager.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!